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Hey Joe,

I just wanted to thank you again for another successful Pizza for Paws fundraiser. I really appreciate your continued support and we are thrilled we exceeded our goal of 1,000 pizzas this year. I'm so glad we had the papers, radio stations and Fox 8 on board with us this year. I could not be more happy with the outcome! I'm sure you already know, but you have a great staff. They were so friendly and I know they were running around like crazy people a majority of the time, but they kept their cool and did a great job.


We have all kinds of comments pouring in on our Facebook wall. I hope when you get a chance you'll read through some of them. Our supporters absolutely love this fundraiser and they're already talking about next year. Many of them said they will continue to be loyal customers which makes me so happy!

I also wanted to make sure you saw the album we made. I asked people to send in pictures of their animals posing with pizza boxes (because it's just really cute) and we had a few companies send us pictures of their "pizza party" at work.
Check it out Here


I sent an update to all of our media contacts who helped promote the event. I let them know we reached our goal. I also told them to keep a look out for another press release early next week with photos of LHS accepting the check from Longo's. I hope that's okay! I thought it would be great to have some recap stories and hopefully get your restaurants even more exposure. Please let me know when you're available next week. I am open Monday anytime after 11:30. Or we can do Tuesday? I figured the sooner the better while it's still fresh in everyone's mind, but we can do whenever you're available!


Thank you,

Mandy Osborne
Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator
Lake Humane Society
| 7564 Tyler Blvd. | Bldg. E | Mentor, OH 44060
P: (440) 951-6122 | Extension 103
F: (440) 951-6144
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Here is a link to comments from all of our supporters!



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